Life is good...

keeps getting better day after day. =) Earlier this week, I withdrew from my university. I was in the process of completing my minor in Security Administration, but I decided after much thought that I am just going to pursue my Master of Science in Computer Science with emphasis in Information Security. I dun need no stinking minor!!! MUAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So, I'm going to pursue my list of Microsoft certifications until the end of the year, and start the Masters in January. I have an appointment on Monday to talk with an admissions officer. I have my undergrad already...diploma is upstairs. I can get by with just a major and read the books for the two classes I just dropped and learn the information anyway. I've plenty to keep myself issues in that department! Between reading security books and freshening up on my Kraut, I'm not exactly bored and looking for things to do. ;-) I also have a two-foot stack of The Economist to pour through as well as the new issue of Foreign Affairs. I have a minor interest in international politics. I also found out when I talked to the financial aid people that I am due a refund. =) That's right...those snatches owe ME money this time. WHAT UP!!!

I also started a new job on 1 Oct. I am an Air Force contractor for SAIC. I'm working the help desk, and I also work in the computer lab configuring and deploying systems throughout the building. I like it, and the pay isn't bad. I did put in for three civil service positions yesterday that I should find out something about soon. I'd really like to get back to CS. The money is usually better as a contractor, but CS is more secure, and you can't beat the benefits with a stick. I also put in for an internship for next summer out on Ft. Meade, MD. It's for the National Security Agency. I've got plans for myself, and they don't revolve around being on a help desk forever. I'd like to get in to IT counter-terrorism, and eventually end up with the Feds. I don't think I'd make it through the physical aspects of becoming an FBI agent because of my back and neck, but there are other ways, and I'm pretty resourceful. ;-) We shall see. More to come on that!!

Anywho, I've a date with a book, so I'm off. Later taters...
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I have just taken out another $5,000 student loan for the purpose of higher education. Two weeks ago, I took out $20,000 for the Microsoft MCSE Platinum course. Along with that bundle, I'll get my A+, Net+, Security+, and CCNA. All of that on top of $52,000 in previous student loans. Why is nothing that I do in my life cheap?? Now, all I need to do is find a sugar daddy to pay back all this money!! =) YEAH BABY!!!

This upcoming quarter, I am taking Network Defense and Countermeasures and Internetworking basics. This will be way cool, and I'll get properly acquainted with routers and switches. I'm excited, but of course, it doesn't take much. I'm easy! LOL I'm hoping for an internship with either CISCO, HP, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, or Northrop Grumman post-ed. Working and going to school is too much of a hassle. BTDT. No thanks.

Anywho, I've been playing hooky from my Net+ class today, but that is okay. I've been busy finalizing the fall quarter, spending money, and fantasizing about my future six-figure salary. =) I saw Transformers on Monday and have decided that a new Camaro is in my future. I've also been a GM fan so this is a natural mix. My mid-life crisis car is a Corvette Stingray, late 70's model. Yeah, I know... ;-)

I promise that I will rant and rave about my experiences with the financial aid department my previous quarter. It won't happen right now unfortunately. I have to go upstairs and find some books. Plus, it is thundering and lightening outside, so I should probably shut down this machine. Lord knows I don't need my system fried! Hope all are doing well in LJ land!

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Greeting and Salutations!

It has been 37 weeks since I last posted. Much thanks to AdmiralMemo for pointing that out to me. Thanks, buddy!! :) Where has the time gone??? Well, let me tell ya...

I spent almost three months (2 April- 18 June) working on my senior thesis in Computer Information Systems. My assignment was to plan and design a Server 2003 network with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and IIS installed and configured. It took me the better part of six weeks to figure out what the heck my advisor wanted in the first place! I had to develop a project plan with no prior experience in project planning/management. My university has courses geared towards those subjects, however, they are not part of my curriculum. I had to self-educate myself on that one! The last month of the quarter, I spent between 14-16 hours a day working away on my paper.

I had to include a budget of equipment, a time-line of events, assemble a team of IT professionals and include their duties and responsibilities...all the things a good project manager does when planning. I had to re-read material from courses that I hadn't taken in almost two years because my university says that seniors must wait until the very end to take this class. WHAT??? By this time, I had nearly forgotten all of the fine nooks and crannies of Server 2003 and subnetting. Pffftttttttt!!! It was a nightmare. I hardly slept for the last month; it was so bad that I would force myself to lay down to rest, and while laying there, I would contemplate and start thinking of how I could be accomplishing more writing and typing instead of sleeping. My diet consisted of Red Bull and Starbucks. I had to reintroduce myself to my friends; had to scrub my house from top to bottom since my house duties suffered immensely. It was horrid.

Alas, I am all done. =) Given the fact that I have never worked with a small business/corporate server in my life, my advisor gave me a 94% on my paper. I turned in 81 pages of what I initially thought was crap, but all in all, I am proud of it. I wish I had had more time and more resources to turn out a better product; wish I had figured out how to use Microsoft Project and Visio instead of relying on Excel for my charts and graphs; wish I had a job lined up so I can start paying back all these bloody loans!! LOL I literally lost 475 pounds when I hit the "submit" button to turn my thesis and accompanying PowerPoint slides in. I nearly went gray from stress waiting on the results of my work, anticipating having to repeat the course, nearly insane from the wait...I threw nearly 12 parties after the quarter ended!!! One party for each week I spent in that school quarter. This was by far the worst quarter ever!!

The reason I say it was the worst is because not only was I taking my senior seminar course, but I was also taking two other classes along with it!! This class is one of those that needs to be taken on its own. Christ knows there is enough work to do; additional homework is unnecessary!! I took a class in Disaster Recovery, along with Descriptive Statistics. That is a special class, let me tell you. It's like Calculus in the sense that there are some problems that will require multiple sheets of paper and a good 30-45 minutes of your time to accomplish. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention previously that I also had to write a paper in my DR class...had to write a DR plan. It had to be at least 10 pages in length. I turned in 16 pages of pure poo-poo, and I got a...100%!!! When I saw that and read my instructor's comments, I decided then and there that she was clearly on some form of illegal drugs and needed to be rendered. That is only the second time in my academia history that I have received a 100% on a paper. To me, that is one of those things that should be damn near impossible, unless the material is just pure genius and groundbreaking. My plan contained neither criteria. Perhaps I'm just a hard ass on myself and lack self-esteem in my capability to produce truly genius work. Hmmmmmm....I'm not one to toot my own horn, so I suppose it is possible.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking, with a 3.95 GPA, Summa Cum Laude. I'm starting my Masters in the spring, hopefully backed up with an enormous amount of tuition assistance from an employer. At the moment, I am studying for my Net+ certification. I'm also taking a crash course in MCSE, Security+, CCNA, and A+. I want it all, dammit!! All that is missing are Information Security certs, but those will come in due time. My plan is to somewhat relax this summer and kick it in to high gear come the fall. This is my first summer in six years that I haven't been bogged down with homework. Net+ is not really homework, more like refresher, but I am not taking it too seriously nor loosely for that matter. I'd say I'll be ready to test in about a month. I'm going on vacation to Minnesota in two weeks to do a little fishing and exploring of the Twin Cities. My favorite watering hole, McGuff's, is located in Mankato, MN. I'll be a frequent visitor. =)

To be continued! I have got some fun stories of financial aid and advisor hell to share with the masses!! =) Special times, and they all happened to me!!! TTFN...
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(no subject)

Well, today is a good day despite spraining my ankle yesterday. I found out this morning that I was accepted for a position that I applied for only three days ago!! I'll be working for AAFES, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, working at one of their food kiosks, Anthony's Pizza. I'll be making pies and chicken wings, salads and other sides and delivering them on base to customers. It'll be cool, I enjoy working with people and don't have a problem delivering anything...used to do it in the military. I'll be making almost $13/hr, and I need to start bringing in money for school, so here's my answer for the time being!!
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(no subject)

Of all the things that could happen to me, why did I have to go and twist my ankle THE DAY BEFORE my job interview??? Hmmmmmmmmm???????

:bangs head against the wall:
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Holy snikkkkeeeeeeessssss!!!

It has been years since I posted!! Whew!! I have been busy though. I'm six classes away from finishing my bachelors in computer networking with a minor in security administration. It has been a long road, but I'm almost there. I'm also looking for a new job. I had to quit the last one...crazy place, and it just wasn't me. I worked an IT help desk, had to wear a headset all thanks. I'm trying to get back into civil service, which can take some time, so in the meantime, I put in for a gig over at Anthony's Pizza. I'll be making pies and delivering to people here on base.

Oh yeah, I moved too, from Virginia to Colorado. And now the local weather forecast: it's snowing!! YAY!!! I love snow. Call me cooky and wacky, but I do.

Let's see, what else have I been up to? I recently set up a wireless network in my shack, put a new motherboard in one of my towers (I still need to put the new hard drive and DVD player in it. Yeah, I'm lazy. =) ), and I bought a new laptop two weeks ago. It's a Gateway, Media Center ed., 120GB SATA, 2 gigs of RAM, DVD, wireless, blah blah blah. I like it. It took me two days to get everything set up, but that's okay. I really wanted a Dell, but those are just too much for me right now. The only thing that doesn't work great on it is the Live Messenger. The blasted thing keeps freezing up on me whenever I open it. Is anyone else having the same issue? HELP! Actually its no biggie, I'm using Yahoo, and I'm able to chat with my hotmail and MSN buddies anyway.

I need to find some more money for school. I'm not done yet, and I've already racked up about $40K. I want to go to culinary school too; I need something stable to help pay for my certifications. It's dawned on me that companies don't give a shit if I have a BS or not, they want certifications. I'm studying for my A+, and I'll do Net+ and Security+ afterwards. So, I figure until I get all those under me, and the MCSE to boot, I'll work and enjoy what I'm doing in the meantime. I love to cook and probably should have gone to cooking school instead of spending all this money on computer shite, but, eh!! Can't do squat about it now.

Alright, going to the kitchen to make some stuffed jalepenos. Anybody want any?? LatA!!
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(no subject)

I need a new job...cleary I am done with this squadron. That is why I have gone out and purchased some fine resume paper and collected all of the job hunting, resume and cover letter writing correspondence I could get my hands on. There is a fair on Monday afternoon, 1300. I'll be present. I figure now I just need to buy some spiffy duds for interviews, and the most important thing of course: get my portfolio together and have my cell and day planner handy!! I'm really wanting to work for the university I attend. They pay 75% of employees tuition. YES PLEASE!! I want to be a professor/department head when I grow up, so working there prior to my goal will be a major bonus. Watch, I'll be within a hair's length of my goal, and my husband will get orders...overseas to boot...just my luck. BAHHHHHH...think positive. I like to imagine all of my hard work and money spent will pay off in the end.
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Holy Smokes!

It's been a while since I posted!!

Before I forget, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the holidays went well for everyone.

Now on to updates....been busy beyond belief. I switched my work scedule to work 10-hour days, Tuesday through Friday with Monday off. It works out nice because there for a while, I had to use vacation time for appointments and what not. Now with a day off during the week, I don't have to do that! Kool and the Gang...

What else....been learning how to read music and play the guitar....hired a personal trainer, who I refer to as a "goddamn slave driver", but she knows I'm playing with her! It's been wonderful...I've lost over 20 lbs in a little over a month. This woman is a triathlete, so everything is GO GO GO!! She keeps me moving, hence the rapid weight loss. Plus, I've got a deep desire to shed some flab, and that always helps.

I've been taking a breather from school. I switched to a four-year univesity...bachelor degrees look better on the resume anyway...I've decided I'm going to wait until the degree specific classes become available before I resume classes. I'm tired of wasting my GI Bill money on bullshit humanity classes...

I've been doing a lot of self-improving over the past few months...I've all but quit drinking, some by choice, but mostly because I treasure my marriage. We do what we gotta do...I've made a resolution to enjoy more the things that I like to do....internet, reading, watching TV, chatting with friends, etc. Life's too short to just work and sleep all the time!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Ciao.
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The online speech class

is going well actually. It's not as weird as I thought it was going to be. I am convinced that sitting in a classroom would be a hell of a lot easier than video taping a presentation and sending it in though. Oh well, too late to turn back now. Turns out I can only take 5-6 more classes online. The remaining courses require labs, so I'll have to physically attend for that. That is going to suck. I may have to go back to part-time for that. Damn...
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Online classes....

Has anyone taken speech online before? I'm trying this online thing to see what all the fuss is about. That, and it'll allow me to attend full-time so I get all my VA. Kool and the Gang, right? So, my question is, how does one do "speech" online? Talk in a chat room? Kind of defeats the purpose, no? Hmmmmmm.....

So, I'm taking "speech" online and electricity concepts. Neat-O. This is going to be KoOl.

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